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​Prostaff has extensive experience in servicing commercial grade windows. During our 30 years of service we’ve diagnosed a wide range of inoperable and energy wasting commercial windows.  Ingenuity, determination and vast experience have produced remarkable results for our clients. Prostaff is confident we can find a solution to your commercial window problems.  Samplings of window problems we encounter are:

Air Infiltration-Failed/deteriorated wool pile allows enormous building energy loss

Inoperable Sashes-Misaligned and rattling sashes won’t open or close

Fogged/Failed Insulated Glass-Due to micro cracks in glass or premature seal failure

Leaks-Moisture infiltration due to failed caulk sealant or failed weather flashing

Sash Too Heavy to Open-Due to failed Lift Balancer System

Sash Crash- Due to failed Lift Balancer System

Insect/Pest Infiltration-Due to damaged screens or no screens in opening

Can’t Lock/Secure Windows-Due to Sash Interlock System failure

Yes we are proud of our record but even more gratifying is the smile on our client’s face after we’ve fixed their window problems.


Some of our valued customers include:

  Wesleyan University-Middeltown,Connecticutt

Babson College-Wellesley, Massachusetts

Charlton College of Business-Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Tufts University-Medford, Massachusetts

Iona College-New Rochelle, New York

Marriot Hotel Times Square-New York, New York

The Waterworks at Chestnut Hill-Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

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