Aluminum Double Hung Window

Single – Double Hung

Single/Double Hung windows may be either tilt in or be sideload windows. The aluminum commercial windows installed in buildings today are far more complex than the wooden windows of yesteryear.  Many machined and complex components must perform for these windows to operate correctly and safely.

Many of these components are made from nylon and plastic. Over time these components fail and cause the window not to operate and make the windows unsafe. Common symptoms are windows that are difficult to open and close.  Window sashes that drift down when opened, sashes that unexpectedly fall like a Guillotine and excessive air infiltration due to missing or deteriorated wool pile weatherstripping.

Here is a list of the most common parts we replace when we rebuild aluminum windows.

Sash guides


Tilt buttons

Pivot Shoes

Tilt Studs/Pivot Bars

Locks and keepers

Wool pile weather stripping.

When Prostaff rebuilds a window we take the opportunity to upgrade the window balancer system. For example, if the windows in your building have large sashes (ones that weigh from 40-80 lbs or more) and they were manufactured with a standard balancer system, Prostaff can upgrade your windows with a set of high performance balancers.

The benefit is greater ease of sash operation.  Reason is, a standard balancer will assist you in lifting only 40% of the weight of the sash. Prostaff rebuilds windows using our  high performance balancers.  These high performance balancers assist you in lifting  70 % of the weight of the sash. This safety feature is a real benefit especially in schools, elderly housing and assisted living centers.

 In these situations we actually rebuild your windows better than new!

Casement and Awning window repair

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