Sun control

Sun Control

The Good

Sunlight brightens up and makes any work or living area a more comfortable and productive environment.  Many studies have proven the benefits of natural sunlight. Conversely, sustained exposure to artificial indoor lighting can create an unpleasant  work or living environment. Sunlight is warm, bright and creates a pleasant space that can be invigorating to be in.

The Bad

Sunlight can overpower a space with excessive amounts of bright light, creating an uncomfortable work or living environment. Direct sunlight can quickly boost temperatures to an unbearable degree.  Occupants either have to vacate the space or seek relief from the high temperatures by lowering the thermostat and kicking on the air conditioning.  This isn’t the best solution as overworking the air conditioning is expensive and oftentimes doesn’t correct the root cause of the condition.

The Ugly

Sunlight damages interior furnishings, leather will dry out and crack, fabrics become brittle and after time literally disintegrate.  Expensive curtains, draperies and window dressings fade and must be replaced.  Aluminum commercial windows also fail under the relentless assault of sunlight.  On many job sites we routinely replace wool pile weatherstripping in both the window master frame and sashes.  After years of exposure we see weatherstripping that is completely disintegrated from the frame.  Oftentimes it has melted into its track and must be scraped out of the frame and replaced.  In these instances, the window cannot prevent infiltration of icy winter drafts or summers intense heat.  Windows in  this condition are compromised and are now a contributor to significant energy loss to the building envelope.

Prostaff’s Solution

Prostaff offers solutions to whatever sun control challenges you are facing:

  • The application of sun control films-that eliminate up to 65 % of the suns radiant heat.
  • Opting for high performance Low-E glass.
  • The installation of sunlight reducing shades.
  • Replacing melted or deteriorated wool pile weatherstripping.

Whatever your situation, we have the answers to your problem.


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