Wool Pile Replacement

One of the most important services Prostaff offers is wool pile replacement.
The wool pile installed on your sash and the master frame of your window is the barrier from the cold and heat of the outside. Wool pile creates the seal between the operable sash and the windows master frame.  The wool pile allows you to open and close your window and still stop air infiltration when closed.

Over time and use the wool pile deteriorates, losing it insulating ability. How quickly that happens depends on several factors. Wool pile will last from 10-30 years, when it fails it will end your windows ability to stop air infiltration. Take a look at this video of a window that is over 20 years old, while still structurally sound the wool pile has deteriorated and is virtually useless.

In this condition this window is no longer energy efficient and  allows more air infiltration than the one hundred year old wooden sashes it replaced.
That’s the bad news; the good news is that wool pile can be replaced on most windows, restoring your windows efficiency level back to where it was when new.

Look at the before and after pictures of a sash that had the wool pile replaced.
This is a dramatic Improvement!



Sash with deteriorated wool pile


Sash with new wool pile


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