Step 2: Our Process

Free On-Site Inspection and Evaluation

Our field service technicians visit your building and assess  the windows. We do this without disrupting your tenants and staff by inspecting windows located in common areas  such as hallways, laundry areas, and vacant units. This provides us valuable insight as to the overall condition of the other windows throughout the building

Our detailed inspection report will provide you the following insights:

  • Age of the window
  • Manufacturer of the window
  • Assess window performance and grade ease of operation
  • Identify type, quality, and condition of balancer system
  • Type and size of insulated glass
  • Assess weather stripping effectiveness against air infiltration
  • Identify hidden operational, security and safety issues
  • Findings Report lists the maintenance issues you face
  • All pertinent information for REAC inspections and compliance

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